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"Minna no kukou4" downloadable version,"Japanese Airports vol.7& 8"was released! (February 04, 2008)
Mr.Shige releases "KOBE FS2004" for "Minna no kukou4"!
It will enhance KOBE city Japan.
(September 12, 2007)

Download from here. ( KOBE FS2004 file / readme )

Mr.Shige's website
We are pleased to announce "Minna no kukou 4"!! (July 11, 2007)
The compatibility for FS-X is under checking now. (October 20,2006)
Update file Available For "Fly into the sky! World Airlines" (July 5, 2006)
We are proud to announce "Fly into the sky! World Airlines"!
"Minna no kukou3" downloadable version,"Japanese Airports vol.5 & 6"will release soon! (March 08, 2006)
"Ozora ni kodawaro! Minna no kukou3" was released at simmarket!
(March 08, 2006)
We added special new site to our weblinks page!! (January 26, 2006)
Now available!! (January 13, 2006)
Screen Shots : "Ozora ni kodawaro! Minna no kukou3".
Information of release date.
We will release "Ozora ni kodawaro! Minna no kukou3" January 27, 2006.
It is a little bit late from the schedule we announced before.Please wait!
(December 07, 2005)
Information of sales end (August 01, 2005)

We ended sales of "Nihon no Airline"July 31th. Because of the expiry of the
term of contract with each airline.
If you have any questions about that,please ask us freely.
Please waiting for our next work "Sekai no Airline(World Airlines)"!!
"Minna no kukou2" downloadable version!!
"Japanese Airports vol.3" & "Japanese Airports vol.4"are put on the Simmarket on February 10, 2005!!!
Now available!!
Screen Shots : "Ozora ni kodawaro! Minna no kukou 2"
Now available!!
"MD-11 free download data for FS2002(with VC)"
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