Description of "Ozora ni kodawaro! Minna no kukou 4"

Minna no kukou volume 4
Price EUR 41.99
Release date Sales on August 31, 2007
Media CD-ROM*1
Aerosoft's AES supported!
The update files are now available!

Downloadble version are available!

Japanese Airports vol.7
Japanese Airports vol.8
Mr.Shige releases "KOBE FS2004" for "Minna no kukou4"!
It will enhance KOBE city Japan.
(September 12, 2007)

Download from here. ( KOBE FS2004 file / readme )

Mr.Shige's website
Included Airports


Aerophotograph and Mesh
*around the airport uses the aerophotograph
Screen Shots
System Requirement
*Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 & 2002
*Windows Vista/XP/Me/2000/98
*CD-ROM drive

*256Mb RAM

*VRAM 32Mb
This product is Add-on software!! You must have Microsoft Flight Simulator of correspondence for each products.
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