Description of "Ozora ni kodawaro! Nihon no airline"
We ended sales of "Nihon no Airline"July 31th. Because of the expiry of the
term of contract with each airline.

Various Airlines in Japan concentrates this Add-on!!
Price 6090yen
Release date 2004/8/27 (Sales end)
Media CD-ROM*1
Screen Shots

Included airlines

AIR DO Skynet Asia
Included models
*JAL *AirNippon
Airbus A300-600R (JA8377) Boeing 737-400 (JA391K)
Boeing 747-400 (JA8088) Boeing 737-500 (JA8596)
Boeing 747-400D (JA8905)
Boeing 767-300 (JA8397) *SKYMARK AIRLINES
Boeing 777-200 (JA8984) Boeing 767-300ER (JA767C)
McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (JA8534) Boeing 767-300ER (JA767D)
Boeing 737-400 (JA8995) *AIR DO
Boeing 767-200 (JA8251)
*ANA Boeing 767-300ER (JA01HD)
Airbus A320-200 (JA8381) Boeing 767-300ER (JA98AD)
Boeing 747-400 (JA8098)
Boeing 747-400D (JA8963)
*Skynet Asia Airways
Boeing 767-300 (JA8259) Boeing 737-400 (JA737A)
Boeing 767-300ER (JA608A) Boeing 737-400 (JA737B)
Boeing 777-200 (JA701A) Boeing 737-400 (JA737C)
Boeing 777-300 (JA755A) Boeing 737-400 (JA737D)
Moving Parts
Landing Gear,Flap,EngineFan,Air Stair etc..
Many parts are movable!!
System Requirement
*Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 & 2002
*CD-ROM drive
*128Mb RAM
*700Mb of free available space on the HDD
This product is Add-on software!! You must have Microsoft Flight Simulator of correspondence for each products.
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