"Overland - Incheon International Airport (RKSI) for FSX"
Free update subscription page.

For customers who purchased "Overland - Incheon International Airport for FS2004", we have created a free update supporting FSX, "Overland - Incheon International Airport for FSX".
Customers who wish to download this free update,please send me a mail with information below.
*Please note: We'll check your request manually and need about a couple of days for reply.
1. Your name
2. Your address
3. Telephone number
4. E-mail address
5. Serial number(Registration Key) for FS2004

>> info@overland.co.jp

*Please note: Enter "Request for the FSX Incheon update(free)" to the subject!
After subscription:
- When your order has sent to us, we will verify your input information, then you will receive a mail including download address of the update file and the serial number. In case when there were incorrect information, we will send you a mail for confirmation.
- Verification will take three or four business days. We will perform the best, but if when there is no reply for a week or more after subscription, please send a mail to the address below.

>> info@overland.co.jp

For customers using cell phone address:

- If you have anti-spam function activated, please change your settings to receive mails from "@overland.co.jp".
- The mail you receive includes long strings ie: download address etc. Some cell phones that do not support over 250 letters, the mail would be incomplete. For this reason, we recommend to let us know your pc mail.
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